Event Info


Inspired by the international swimrun race series ÖTILLÖ (island to island), originating in Sweden in 2006, SwimRun Boston is pleased to bring you one of the only true “ÖTILLÖ-style” swimrun events in North America!

Consisting of multiple, alternating swim and overland running legs (island roads, trails, and shoreline scrambles) between a variety of islands in Boston’s famous Harbor Islands.

The first-ever SwimRun Boston will take place on Saturday, June 16th, 2018. SwimRun races are competed in 2-person teams where both athletes complete all swim and run legs together. This course will favor strong swimmers as it takes place in the Boston Harbor Islands, starting south in the chain of islands and racing towards the Boston skyline – an incredible backdrop!

Some highlights of the event will include:
  • Total Swim Distance: 3+ miles
  • Total Run Distance: 13+ miles
  • Estimated Water Temperature: High 50’s/Low 60’s
  • Included in Entry: Ferry Ride, Post Race BBQ, Endurance Conspiracy Tee & Trucker Hat, Bib Vest, Access to SwimRun Boston Partner Discounts, etc.

Remaining true to the originators of the sport, SwimRun Boston Harbor Islands is a two-person team event. Not a relay, teammates must race the entire course together. Rules permit swim aids such as hand paddles, pull buoys, wetsuits and even swim fins to name a few. Certain safety gear is mandated by race rules and hydration and race fuel can be carried too, but what one starts with, so too must they finish with. Changing from trail shoes to swim fins, or tending to awkward gear can chew up valuable time. Having the right teammate and equipment can make all the difference.

Hopefuls are encouraged to watch the video from SwimRun Casco Bay Island. SwimRun Boston is produced by ethos and SwimRun USA LLC.